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REDinNYC is a real estate business networking organization committed to supporting, connecting and promoting professionals, companies, and brands in the real estate and development industry. Our mission is stimulate business growth by facilitating the formations of some of the most advantageous relationships in the real estate industry. REDinNYC offers branding opportunities, exposure and expansion and dedicated to inspire and advance entrepreneurs. Every event is highlights a Keynote speaker from prominent industry leaders. After sharing brief career building, they join attendees to mingle and network. REDinNYC provides access to most influential people in real estate. 


New York City,Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles Real Estate Professionals Come to RED Events to Network and Broker Deals


Silver Sponsorship


•A roped-off table at REDinNYC event for 20 people with One Bottle of top shelf liquor: invite co-workers, friends, prospective clients or anyone you want to impress.

•Access to our extensive network of real estate professionals.

•We will leverage our massive network of real estate professionals to connect you with your ideal clients and partners during the event.

•Company logo display on REDinNYC website, email invite, social media, and step & repeat.

•Company logo in email invitation sent six times to curated list of 150k+ real estate developers, owners, and operators and in follow up “thank you” email.

•REDinNYC will custom build your company's on-site banner if needed.

•Company banner and marketing materials prominently displayed at events.

•Drop your marketing material to every table at the venue.

•REDinNYC model will wear a t-shirt with your company's logo, navigate the venue distributing your company's marketing materials and invite attendees to your table.

•A private conversation with the Keynote speaker.

•Your company name and logo will be placed next to the REDinNYC logo at a large step and repeat photo backdrop.

•A full page ad on our website and social media sites.

•Brand recognition on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram post).

•Recognition from the podium during opening remarks.

Gold Sponsorship



•Speaker spot for company representative prior to keynote speaker.

•Your headshot, name, company name, and project pics will be included in the event flyer invite on our website and social media.

•Your company included in press releases as our partner sponsor.

•Dedicated Email to 150k+ REDinNYC Newsletter Subscribers

•Company given top billing on event invites, website and on-site signage

•Access to our guest list and extensive real estate contacts.

•Video interview highlighting your company. Please see our video section for example. 

•Mention in press releases highlighting your company and any key points.

private dinner package


•REDinNYC will plan a dinner on your company's behalf and for 10 to 15 and use our contact to invite prominent Real Estate contacts in positions that will benefit your business growth. Developers, Owners/Operators and Family Offices.

•Dinner will take place in a private room at a high end exclusive restaurant.

•Food and drink costs will be complimentary at dinner and is included in sponsorship.

•Your company will be able to distribute marketing materials and business cards to attendees.

•All guests will be introduced to your company.

•Your company will be provided a detailed guest list prior to dinner to approve and adjust.

•Emails will go out to all guests after the dinner and a thank you highlighting your company.

private EVENT package


•REDinNYC will plan a private event on your company's behalf for 50 to 100 Real Estate Developers, Owners/Operators and Family Offices

•A keynote speaker will be provided and guests will hear a presentation about your company.

•New York City Models will host and distribute your company's brochures and gifts.

•Open bar for three hours and appetizers with live music and DJ.

•Red carpet with a step and repeat banner of your company logo and clients or any business affiliates you would like featured.

•Time and space will be allotted for your company to give a presentation.

•T-shirts displaying your company logo will be created and distributed to all attendees to take hope if your company would like to provide a zip drive with marketing material or anything else we can give to guest during event or mail after event upon request.

•We will distribute press releases to the media

•Your company will be provided a detailed guest list before the event.

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    Sponsor Perks


    At RED events real estate industry newsmakers mingle with with a cross section of developers, investors, contractors, brokers, lawyers, insurance executives, project engineers and other service providers to explore business opportunities.

    Thousands of major real estate, business, political and media figures have attended REDinNYC, REDinMIA, REDinLA and REDinCHI events. Elevate your business discussion by indulging in luxury of an exclusive nightlife venue. Cultivate lucrative resources, contacts, ideas, and techniques in a dynamic and alluring atmosphere. Send an invite to potential client to this impressive and high-profile event sand demonstrate your business savvy. Business has never been this trendy. REDinNYC strategic partnerships with Bisnow, RealDeal, Opal, IMN, RBC Wealth Management, RealConnex, amongst others are valued at family office conference and networking events.


    Past Sponsors


    Event goers share contacts, ideas, experiences and expertise in some of swankiest and most exclusive venues.